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How to find us
  • From the train station or bus station to the Szałas pod Szymoszkową: Take a bus in the direction of Kościelisko Wojdyłówka. Get off at the 4th stop called Butorowy Wierch.
  • From Szałas pod Szymoszkową to the city center (Krupówki Street): 3 stops by bus.
  • From Szałas pod Szymoszkową to the city center (Krupówki Street) on foot: 30 minutes walk
  • Directions for guests arriving by car to Zakopane from Cracow: (please look at the scheme): Entering Zakopane by road no. 47 from the Poronin and Nowy Targ direction pass three roundabouts, at each turning right. Leaving the third roundabout, follow the road towards Kościelisko. Pass the Mercure Kasprowy Hotel, and then after about 400 meters, after the bridge, turn right onto Sobiczkowa Bór Street. Go straight for about 300 meters until you see a sign pointing to Szałas pod Szymoszkową, then turn right.

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Ikonka koperta Sobiczkowa Bór 42
34-511 Kościelisko
Coordinates: 49.28790 N, 19.920950 E
Ikonka słuchawka Phone: (+48) 18 20 70537
Mobile: +48 602 590 303
Ikonka email e-mail: Andrzej Kuźniar <>


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